DeveloperSmackdown Musing #22 | Why Projects Fail

This time we talk about our vast experience with failed projects. Project "X" is the big topic but there were others.

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Show Notes

Why do so many projects fail?  Well, in our experience, it has to do with some combination of the following:

  • Statement of Work
  • Conditions of Satisfaction
  • Define "Done"
  • Define Assumptions
  • Requirements
    • Can change - just not constantly
    • Good ones can actually be tested
  • Use Business Analysts for appropriate context
  • Build and Deployment: How to get the application created and installed - always underestimated

Cover your ass with detailed status reports (Weekly!)

  • What did you do this week
  • What is planned for next week
  • What did you do that was unplanned (KEY! - This is why you didn't finish everything you planned)
  • What resources do you need to get the job done
  • What issues are blocking you

Document, Document, Document!!!


Failing project sound effect:

Tips or Tricks

Generate from Usage - Visual Studio 2010 Refactoring Tool

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