TfsAlert Released

Today we have released the initial TfsAlert release



.NET 3.0 is required since this is built on top of WCF. If you’re running this from Vista you will not need to install the .NET 3.0 framework.

Installation Notes

This version runs under Windows XP.

If you would like to run on Vista you have to install to another location outside of %programFiles% so you the proper security to configure it. We are currently addressing Vista UAC compatibility.

Once installed you HAVE TO properly configure it. This will be fixed in the next release.

  • One the following %programfiles%\TfsAlert\TfsAlert.exe.config and set the following items:
    • teamFoundationServer, your TFS server
    • userId, your user id
    • selected, select the events you would like to subscribe to.
    • filterExpression, filter placed on that event
  • Open port 9999 on your Windows Firewall. This is also configurable if you would like to listen on another port.


What's New

Base architecture with basic event notification.

What's Next

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  2. Buck Hodges says:

    Clark Sell has created a home on CodePlex for a useful desktop notification tool called TfsAlert . TfsAlert

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