Connected World

As a consultant you find yourself all over the place.  Today I am headed to downtown Chicago via the good ole train.  It’s roughly a 1:30 minute ride one way.  I normally travel with at least the following: Large cup of Dunkin Donuts ( you know America runs on it ) 1 Verizon phone with…



That blasted VSMDI file.  Well Buck, Tom and crew did it.  They have finally given us the ability to run tests ( albeit all ) found in an assembly regardless of test lists. I am currently integrating this into TfsAlert and will post my findings.


TfsAlert and Security

After releasing TfsAlert I realized I’d failed to mention how security works.  BIG OPPS, Sorry!!!  TfsAlert will not get into the business of managing your user account.  Windows already provides such a facility and I believe leveraging that is just a better more secure choice.  However TfsAlert will maintain knowledge about your TfsUserName.  It does so…


TFS Event Filtering

With today’s release of TfsAlert a question will no doubt get asked; what really is a Filter Expression?  Short answer, an expression to filter events sent from TFS. Long answer. Formally known as Visual Studio Event Filter Language or VSEFL, it feels very much like a SQL expression and/or like WIQL. These filters are added…


TfsAlert Released

Today we have released the initial TfsAlert release   Prerequisites .NET 3.0 is required since this is built on top of WCF. If you’re running this from Vista you will not need to install the .NET 3.0 framework. Installation Notes This version runs under Windows XP. If you would like to run on Vista…