TfsAlert Source Migrated To CodePlex

This weekend I was hard at work tidying up the TfsAlert source base, fixing Vista breaking changes.  This morning I finally migrated it to CodePlex.  Right now we are actively working on the package for an initial release.  We should have that released later this week.

If you download the source there are a few things to note.

  • The source base with all written TDD but using partial classes.  Our deployment package will strip out the tests but right now if you run you will need those testing assemblies.
  • We currently call the TFS OM directly to subscribe so you have to have those assemblies installed .  This will be changed in a future release to call the Web Service directly. 
  • Currently listens on port 9999.  You have to manually open the Windows Firewall so it can listen on that port.
  • You have to setup the config.  We don't have a UI screen for that yet.  There are just a few settings in the config file.
    • Add your TFS Server.
    • Add your User Id
    • Select the events you want to subscribe to, Selected == true / false
    • Add a filter expression for that event.

There is one critical bug we are currently addressing.  Right now if your network interface drops out and you are assigned a new IP we orphan that event subscription in TFS and don't get a chance to clean it up.

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