Codename Origami

You may have heard some buzz around something called Origami which is a new PC form factor.  You can find out the official details here:

Funny part, I have just enough room in my backpack for yet another device.

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  1. DarrellG says:

    We have patented an adapter for Windows CE handheld devices and we need to find out who to talk to about it.  It is a portable device that allows you to watch your DVD’s on your Windows CE cell phone or your Origami.

  2. sparrownaut2012 says:

    2006/3/23 sparrownaut2012 is always interested in new improved gadgets. we hope to get interstate battery to add some new devices in the future.

  3. sparrownaut2012 says:

    2006/3/23 some delay may be a good idea because i have seen very good sites fill up with foolish spam

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