VS2008 Launch Conditions and Prerequisites

If you are creating a Setup Project in Visual Studio 2008 (or VS2005) to deploy your amazing new application, you need to set which version of the .NET Framework you are targeting. If your application is developed for .NET 2.0 you need to tell the Setup Project to check the target machine for the .NET 2.0 Framework. By default the Setup project will check for .NET 3.5 (in VS2008) even if your application is targeting .NET 2.0.

First you need to set the Prerequisites the Setup Project will install to the target machine (if it is not installed already). This can be done by the Properties windows of the Setup Project.

VS2008 Prerequisites

Now you need to tell the Setup Project which launch conditions you need for the .NET Framework.

VS2008 Solution Explorer

This Setup Project will now check the target machine for the .NET 2.0 Framework instead of the .NET 3.5 Framework

VS2008 Launch Condition Properties

You can learn more about launch condition at following link on MSDN.

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  1. Deniz says:

    Thank you very much for the post – it helped me out!

  2. Thomas Martens says:

    A great post, we were looking for the damn launch conditions the whole morning 😀

  3. Rahul Bhandarkar says:

    Just what we were looking for, thank you !

  4. redware says:

    I did this six months ago and still could not find it again. Who designed that feature – maybe on purpose to spread .net 3.5 where it is not needed. Thank you.

  5. Hi Clemens, thanks for this post, this post resolves confusion.

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