Passing values between two IHttpHandlers within the same HttpContext

My latest ASP.NET coding endeavor required that I perform a postback and then transfer control over to a different page (primarily for URL concealment purposes) using Server.Transfer. I needed to be able to pass values from the source page to the target page, but didn’t really have a good way to do this. A quick…


Windows Vista UX Guidelines

Microsoft recently posted the preliminary Windows Vista UX guidelines. These guidelines contain information on What’s New in Windows Vista, design principles, guidelines for controls, text, windows, and aesthetics. They will help designers and developers create high quality, consistent Windows Vista applications.



I just came across XAMLShare, a public wiki dedicated to providing various Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon) code samples. There aren’t many samples at the time, but hopefully the number will grow as WPF works its way into the mainstream.


Getting away from Application.DoEvents

Another great blog entry by Jessica Fosler: Keeping your UI Responsive and the Dangers of Application.DoEvents.


Wrapping text in DataGrid cells

One of the most common questions I’ve been asked in recent weeks has been in regards to creating a data grid column style that supports text wrapping. It’s really unfortunate that the DataGrid control does not provide this type of functionality, and even more that achieving a such effect is such a daunting task that requires…


ColorPicker.NET v0.1.1

I had a few cycles today so I spent some time fixing some bugs in ColorPicker.NET.


What the heck is this <UICulture> error and how do I fix it?

If you’ve frustratingly encountered the “<UICulture> should be set in the project file in order to support the following markup files that use types defined in this project” error message in Avalon, Tim Sneath has come to the rescue with a temporary workaround for Beta RC1.


Emulating the OSX taskbar in Avalon

Amir Khella shows how easy it is to create stunning visual effects in Avalon in his Playing Around with Avalon’s Grid entry. Amazing!


Strings in .NET v2.0

I just came across David Fetterman’s article on MSDN covering the new recommendations for using strings in .NET v2.0. It’s definitely worth a quick read.