Styling With the DataGridColumnStyle, Part 1

I wrote a two-part article that takes a look at leveraging the adaptability of the Windows Forms DataGrid to enhance the data interaction and presentation capabilities of the control. The first part provides a thorough examination of the rendering architecture of the control. The second part (which will be published in January) will guide you…


Some GDI/GDI+ fun with the WinForms DataGrid control

I’ve published a new article on MSDN that details how you can add some nifty visual effects to the WinForms DataGrid control when dragging and dropping columns. Constructive criticism is more than welcome. I’m also looking for ideas for my next article, so if there’s anything in the area of GDI/GDI+ that you’re interested in…


Technical Writing

Someone forwarded me a link to one of Jean-Luc David’s blog entries in which he lists a few techical writing observations. I just finished the second draft of my very first technical article which was probably one of the hardest writing pieces I’ve ever had to compose in my youthful life. I thought I’d take…


The difficulties of language design

Phil Haack just posted an excellent blog entry on the difficulties of language design.


Dispose/Finalize notes

When to implement a finalizer:   You should only implement a finalizer when you are implying that that the class encapsulates unmanaged resources, which, in other words, means you’re dealing with resources that the runtime’s garbage collector is not aware of. In this finalizer, you should clean up those unmanaged resources, otherwise memory leaks could…


Singleton Design Pattern   singleton – a single object.   Important tidbits gleaned from the article:   The Singleton pattern lives in a family of creational patterns. Creational patterns dictate how and when objects get created. The intention of the Singleton pattern is to provide a single point of object access in an object oriented application. This…


Windows Forms FAQ

George Shepherd’s Windows Forms FAQ contains an aggregation of questions and answers from a variety of online resources (newsgroups, forums, et al). This site is definitely worthy of a position on your bookmarked sites list.


Duncan (and a few other MS bloggers) have mentioned the new site that surfaced recently. This looks to be promising and I, like everyone else, look forward to seeing how the development community contributes to this. If you’re wondering how to obtain a list of the operations of an unmanaged dynamic linked library, you can…



If you’re trying to learn DirectX, what has been the most frustrating part of the learning process? Is there anything that could be done to mitigate the excruciating learning curve associated with Managed DirectX? If you could have an article on any beginner DirectX topic magically appear on your computer screen, what areas would it cover?…