ColorPicker.NET: Quick fix

I've fixed the problem with the cursor clipping region in ColorPicker.NET that was causing the dual-monitor issue reported by several people. Some really cool features are just around the corner, including an article on the Smart Client Developer Center providing insight into some of the more interesting components of the application and the release of the source code.

Comments (3)

  1. Quick fixes are cool. Thanks.

    This one is more like a chang request: Are you considering an option where you can use the dropper outside of the window? Now I first create a print screen, paste it in my drawing tool and then select colors. It would be great to leave out the print screen & paste part.

  2. Chris Sano says:

    Pieter, yes, that’s one of the features that is currently itemized for the next milestone.

  3. hexcoder says:

    I m sorry but as i see your deeply inside the logic so i wanted to ask you. I m struggling to create a just a simple color from HSB values not RGB in .NET and as I saw Color class has only get properties for HSB. Can you present a small piece of code to this poor developer ? 🙂

    Any help will be appreciated


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