Here's the quintessential (and my long overdue) blog introduction: 

My name is Chris Sano. I'm a Software Design Engineer with the MSDN Development team. I received my bachelors degree in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, NY. I started my masters in Computer Science, also at RIT, but decided that a job at Microsoft would be a lot more fun than another year of school (who would disagree with that?!).

I did four summer internships here before coming onboard full-time. My first summer was spent with the Visual Studio design team designing UI prototypes for portals that were used to demonstrate the first bits of ASP.NET (which was called ASP+ back in the day). The second summer was the initiation of my transformation from a designer to a developer. I worked with web design engineers on the Web Infrastructure Team under IIS developing web-based applications that were used to track build and stress tests on IIS6. The third summer was spent with the GotDotNet team working on the beta version of Workspaces. A lot of my time was focused on developing the HTML version of the File Share control, which while not as cool as the embedded Windows Forms version, was probably as powerful as a HTML based control can be in terms of pushing the browser to its limits. Finally, I spent last summer with MSDN working on an administration tool that was going to be used to manage the MSDN Lab.

Avocations/research interests:
   algorithmic computation
   data structures
   graphic user interface (gui) design 
   software engineering methodologies (system modularity & object oriented design) 
   .net development
   managed direct x

My blog entries will probably cover topics revelant to the interests above. I look forward to interacting with each and every one of you out there.

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