Microsoft Tag announces the Tag Slaps contest: Create your own custom tag


If you are familiar with Microsoft Tag, we have good news for you: You can now create your custom tag. For example, you can customize Microsoft Tags by using dots instead of triangles and replacing the background with any image. You can also create a more advanced design by modifying the symbols and incorporating them into the design concept. Customized Tags can be rendered in color or black-and-white.

As part of the custom Tag release, Microsoft is announcing the Tag Slaps Design Contest.  The Tag Slaps Design Contest challenges you to create an original custom design Tag and a mobile experience creative concept for it. The contest will start on May 4 and run through June 12. For contest details, please  visit.

For more information about creating a custom Microsoft Tag, please visit

Download the Reader

· Go to to get Microsoft Tag for your Mobile device.

· Send the download link via SMS from

Give it a try—snap this Tag or the custom Tags above


Have fun creating your own custom tag!

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