MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Microsoft TechDays is Coming up on April 1st!

Want to learn more about Windows Mobile Application Development? Make sure to attend Microsoft TechDays on April 1st 2009. TechDays is a 24-hour around-the-globe virtual event that presents sessions on current and emerging technologies. TechDays includes a track on Mobile Application Development. Listen to world-known experts in Windows Mobile Application Development from the worldwide Developer Community to provide in-depth information about the techniques and technologies for building real-world mobile solutions on the Windows Mobile platform.

The Windows Mobile track includes sessions on the following topics:

  • Creating Compelling and Attractive UIs for Windows Mobile Applications
  • Win32 versus .NET CF: Finding the right API for your Job
  • Using SQL Server Compact Edition for Data Storage and Synchronization in Mobile Applications
  • Windows Mobile Web and Widgets: Leveraging web technologies to build experiences for Windows Mobile
  • Performance Optimization & Power Management
  • Developing Mobile Solutions with Visual Studio 2008 and WM6 SDK Tools
  • Distributing and Monetizing applications through Windows Marketplace for Mobile

Each of the sessions will be broadcast in multiple time zones.

To register for TechDays, click on this link:


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