MARK YOUR CALENDARS: MSDN Webcast: Unit Testing for Devices coming up on November 5, 2008


Please join us tomorrow, November 5, 2008 at 10 AM PDT for part 9 of our 24-part webcast series on Windows Mobile Application Development. At tomorrow’s webcast, Maarten Struys, my colleague Joshua Partlow, and I will be talking about Unit Testing for Windows Mobile Devices. With Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, unit testing is now available for mobile device developers as well. Is unit testing just hype or can you increase the quality of your code by creating unit tests? In this sample-filled webcast, you will learn how to create unit tests for your smart device application. We will also teach you how to debug unit tests and how to run unit tests inside a command prompt. After attending this webcast, you should rest assured knowing that your code works as intended.

To register for this webcast, go to:

See you guys tomorrow!


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