Windows Mobile Developer Center on MSDN has a new Look and Feel

Just in time for PDC we have made some changes to the Windows Mobile Developer Center on MSDN.

We have arranged our content around the different steps that make up Windows Mobile Application Development and have selected a range of content from different media. Here’s what it looks like:


We have also created a new section called “Windows  Mobile Buzz,” which provides you with links to our social networking profiles, like our Windows Mobile Facebook group.


You will still find all the familiar items you know from previously, such as Featured Resources, Webcasts, Blogs, and others.

It’s not only the Windows Mobile Developer Center that has changed. The Windows Mobile Team blog has a new look and feel too. Check it out:


And last, but not least, check out our new Windows Mobile Developer portal:


As always we are happy to get feedback from you about these changes!



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