MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Part 4 of the Windows Mobile Application Development MSDN Webcast series is coming up tomorrow: Creating Adaptive Applications for Windows Mobile Devices

Hi everybody,

We are moving right ahead with our 24 hours of Windows Mobile Application Development webcast series. Please join us tomorrow for Jim Wilson's webcast on how to create adaptive applications for Windows Mobile Devices. One of the key issues that Windows Mobile developers face is the issue of application compatibility across the range of Windows Mobile devices. As new devices are released, they introduce many new features. Successfully developing and deploying Windows Mobile applications requires up-front planning for compatibility across devices. In this webcast, Jim Wilson discusses creating adaptive applications that can run on a broad range of Windows Mobile Devices, giving end users more or less functionality, depending on the available features of their device.

 Please use the following link to register for this webcast:

See you guys tomorrow!






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