Thanks for attending our Webcast today – another one is coming up tomorrow!

I wanted to give out big thanks to everybody who attended our Webcast this morning. Maarten Struys and I had great fun giving this presentation across 2 continents and we hope you enjoyed it as well. If you were unable to attend our Webcast, you'll be available to download the on-demand version tomorrow by going to I will add a separate blog post with additional links to Location-related content shortly.

We're moving along fast with our Webcast series, tomorrow, 5/28, at 10 AM, we are broadcasting part 4 of our Webcast series. Jim Wilson will be talking about offline data management. He will tell you about the considerations you need to make when selecting and using a local device data store, including coverage of Language Integrated Query (LINQ) as it is implemented in the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. To view Jim's live Webcast, please register at:

Here's also a link to Jim's blog:

Only one more week until TechEd. Looking forward to seeing you guys there!


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