Check out the new "How do I?" Videos for Devices on MSDN

If you are a .NET Compact Framework developer and haven't been to the Windows Mobile Developer Center on MSDN for a while, you should go and check out the new "How do I?" Videos for Devices page on MSDN. Choose from a list of How to videos on how to create appliations for Windows Mobile devices using the .NET Compact Framework. Each video is about 30 minutes long and provides end-to-end instructions on how to complete a specific project. Vidoes are both for beginners and professional developers.

And the cool thing is, you can even download them to your Zune!!! 

Here's a video that my friend Maarten Struys, who is a Mobile and Embedded MVP from Europe, created. It shows you to correctly terminate multithreaded .NET Compact Framework Applications. Enjoy and make sure to send in your feedback!



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