Nytt whitepaper Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online; Security Features


On behalf of the CRM Engineering for Enterprise Team and the CRM Content Publishing Team, I am pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the white paper, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: Security Features, which is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center at:

Microsoft takes a holistic approach to providing a highly secure environment for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. After an overview of the inherent risks to three key areas of the service, the remaining sections of this paper describe how Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft’s core commitment to build software and services that better help protect customers and the industry, is reflected in the design and operation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

We’d especially like to recognize the efforts of Carlo Gallazzi, Stephanie Dart, Shamiq Islam, and the broader CRM Product Group for contributing to and reviewing this paper to help ensure its completeness and accuracy.

Note: The paper will subsequently be available via MSDN and the TechNet library in the CRM section under Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.


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