31 skäl till att du borde åka till Convergence

Convergence den 6-8 november är den största Microsoft Dynamics konferansen i Europa med flera hundra sessioner kring Dynamics och över 30 stycken bara på Microsoft CRM !!! Givetvis kommer Bill Gates, han älskar Dynamics (och speciellt Dynamics CRM då J )

Här följer ett utdrag på de CRM tracks som kommer att gå under Convergence, vill du veta mer vad varje track innehåller så är det bara att använda vårt Session Search verktyg

·         C&T206 Professional Services: Examples of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions in Professional Services

·         C&T213 Public Sector: Successful Collaboration and Revolutionizing Communication in the Public Sector

·         C&T229 Big Changes are Coming for Your Enhancement Plan – Take this Opportunity to Get Your Questions Answered!

·         C&T230 Ask the Experts About the Services Available for Your Solution and How to Use Them!

·         C&T318 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Top 10 Support Issues and Their Solutions

·         C&T322 Workflow Rules in Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Support Issues and Demonstration of Examples

·         CRM202 Selecting the Right Customer Relationship Management System for Your Business

·         CRM203 Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Connected Marketing and Sales - Optimizing Your Demand Generation Engine

·         CRM205 Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Integration With Your Back Office

·         CRM207 Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solutions with the Power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM           

·         CRM208 Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Architecting For the Enterprise                        

·         CRM210 From Insight to Impact: How Microsoft Dynamics CRM & the 2007 Microsoft Office System Can Transform Your Business             

·         CRM213 Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Building Customer Connections                       

·         CRM214 Microsoft Dynamics CRM: The Power of Choice - Knowing Your Options for Deployment and Purchase             

·         CRM217 Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Keep Customers for Life with Smarter Service

·         CRM218 Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Getting Down To Details - Enhancing Productivity through Process Redesign

·         CRM220 Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Success Profiles in Financial Services Companies

·         CRM221 Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Meeting the Needs of the Enterprise

·         CRM222 Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Maximizing Sales Effectiveness

·         CRM301 Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Tailoring Microsoft CRM To Meet Your Business Needs     

·         CRM306 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Analytics: Enabling Better Business Insight and Decisions

·         CRM319 Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Equipping Your Mobile Workforce

·         GEN001 Microsoft Dynamics CRM: The Power of Choice                

·         IND203 Professional Services: Winning Life-Long Clients with Customer Relationship Management

·         IND206 Public Sector: E-Government & Citizen Relationship Management         

·         MIS209 Collaborate and Build Customer Connections                      

·         NAV215 Microsoft Dynamics NAV CRM

·         S&C201 The New Business Ready Licensing and Enhancement Plan – Increase the Value of Your Solution

·         S&C202 New Global CustomerSource and Service Plans Designed for You and Your Success!

·         S&C203 Microsoft Dynamics Communities – Programs, Tools and Resources That Help You Exchange Ideas and Make the Most Out of Your Solutions

·         SPR202 Welcome to the End of Business as Usual


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- David Orlander 


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