Convergence 2015 Interactive Discussion Topics: Customization Tips and Tricks

Here are the 15 tips in 15 minutes that we shared as part of our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customizations Tips and Tricks interactive discussion (ID15C351-R1 & ID15C351-R2) at Convergence 2015.

We wanted to share them in a blog article to those who attended (to reduce the need for notes), for those who could not attend, and help reduce our own need for more PowerPoint slides. For those in attendance, feel free to ask any questions during the last 45 minutes of our session, or come find is in the hallways at Convergence. For those of you who couldn’t attend please feel free to leave a comment.

  1. Latest Update Rollup
  2. CRM Version Recap
      Name Build # CodeName
      CRM 2011 5.0.9688.583 Titan
      CRM 2011 UR 12 5.0.9690.3236 Polaris
      CRM 2013 6.0 Orion
      CRM 2013 SP1 6.1 Leo
      CRM 2015 7.0 Vega
      CRM 2015 Update 1 7.1 Carina
  3. Modal Dialogs deprecation
  4. CRM Performance Center
  5. Customizing the Form
    • Drag and drop navigation
    • Add same field to multiple sessions
    • Quick View Forms
    • Business Rules
      • Server side in CRM 2015
    • Edit Navigation, Header and Footer
    • Role Based Forms
  6. Form Merge after Upgrade
  7. CRM for Tablets – JavaScript
  8. CRM for Tablets – All Dashboards are available and customizable now
    • CRM 2015 – All dashboards including personal
    • CRM 2013 SP1 – Sales and Service Dashboards
    • CRM 2013 – Sales Dashboard
  9. PowerBI
  10. Calculated Fields & Rollup Fields
    • You can rollup Rollup Fields
    • You can calculate off of Rollup Fields
    • You cannot rollup up Calculated Fields
  11. Connections and sub-grid+ button behavior
    • Effects of Quick Create Form
    • Field is required it does “Add existing” if there are records to add.
    • Mark the field as required – Always pops “Add New”
  12. Tips for Developers
  13. CRM Tools and Features
  14. Legacy Feature Check
  15. CRM Solutions Import/Export
    • CRM 2011 Imports to CRM 2013 and CRM 2013 SP1
    • CRM 2013 SP1 Exports to 2013 RTM Format
    • CRM 2013 & 2013 SP1 Imports into 2013 SP1 & 2015


Shawn Dieken, Sean McNellis and Daren Turner

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Comments (3)

  1. Zara Kamruddin says:

    Best session of the conference this year!  Thanks guys!

  2. Shawn Dieken says:

    Thanks Zara!  We really appreciate the feedback.  We are glad you enjoyed the session.

  3. Anne Stanton says:

    You three rock! Definitely missed you this year, but thanks for putting these into a blog post. I always learn something new when I follow your posts.

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