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Updated: 6/18/2015

The CRM 2013 White Paper & Technical Documentation blog post that I wrote with all the links to the white papers was very popular, so I am doing a similar post for CRM 2015.

I am often finding myself searching for CRM 2015 White Papers & Technical Documentation URL’s to reference or send to customers and while Bing works well to find these individually, I thought it would be nice to just try include them all in a single URL for easy reference.  There are some other good blogs out there with similar lists, but I can’t update those, so I wanted my own list.  This list is quite small at this point with the recent CRM 2015 release, but this will continue to grow over the next couple months and I will update this blog quarterly.


Shawn Dieken

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Titles Date Published

Deploying and administering Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 (FKA: CRM Implementation Guide) (Download)
Deploying and administering Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 (FKA: CRM Implementation Guide) (Online)

(Updated Quarterly)
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Software Development Kit (SDK) (Download)
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Software Development Kit (SDK) (Online)
(Updated Quarterly)
Configuring Claims-based Authentication for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Updated: 6/15/2015
Active Directory from on-premises to the cloud – Azure AD whitepapers 6/15/2015
Microsoft creates a new sales experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM at the core 6/12/2015
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Migration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises 6/11/2015
Deployment and Operational Guidance for Hosting Microsoft Dynamics CRM (CRM SPLA Guide) 6/10/2015
Unified Service Desk for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5/19/2015
Microsoft IT Improves Sales Productivity by Integrating Disparate Sales Applications 5/8/2015
Microsoft IT Streamlines Disparate Sales Data into an Easy-to-Use Windows 8.1 Experience 5/8/2015
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services and Support Documents 5/6/2015
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Performance and Scalability Documentation 5/5/2015
Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 Update Software Development Kit (SDK) Updated: 5/1/2015
Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 - Resources for download Updated: 5/1/2015
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online deployment, administration, and migration documentation 4/29/2015
Azure Active Directory Solutions Architecture White Paper 3/4/2015
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 On-Premises Licensing and Pricing Guide 3/2/2015
Training & Adoption Kit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Social Listening 2/12/2015
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  1. Lou Bergstrom says:

    Awesome way to start off 2015 – Thanks for the knowledge sharing Shawn!

  2. Jim Daly says:

    Please note that the title of the content formerly known as the Implementation Guide is now called 'Deploying and administering Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015'

  3. Markadou says:

    Thanks a lot !

  4. İsmail TUTUMLUER says:


  5. Shivam Dixit says:


  6. Saad says:

    Thanks for the share, very interesting

  7. JSL says:

    Thanks for putting this together, but can somebody please explain why Microsoft can't include a Documentation folder in the software download like every other company instead of making users scour countless web searches to find what they need?  Or at a minimum, make it easier to find installation/upgrade docs that aren't a bunch of TechNet articles with hyperlinks to hell and back?  So aggravating..

  8. Shawn Dieken says:

    Hi JSL-

    Thanks for your comment.

    We include the documentation separately to allow for ease of updating as new features are released and issues are fixed.  If it were packaged with the download we would have to re-release the product download just to update the documentation and that would be a much longer process.  Make sense?

    Here is the link to download the complete Implementation Guide (Dynamics_CRM_2015_IG.zip_) that you can download which includes the entire Planning, Installing, Administering, and Operating guides for CRM 2015 all in one .CHM file.…/details.aspx

    We typically update these downloads quarterly, so check back for updates.  The TechNet links are always up to date, so that's why it's nice to favorite those links.  You can also easily jump between different product versions of the same documentation by selecting the version from the "Other versions" drop down.

    I hope this helps.


    Shawn Dieken

  9. Anne Stanton says:

    Check out the  Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Center…/crm-customer-center  which is a centralized place for a large number of links.

  10. Gene Underwood says:

    Hi Shawn!

    Thanks for this list! Do you know of any white papers that speak towards scalability for CRM 2015 that is more infrastructure related? Similar to the one created for CRM 2011 with Intel and Dell Servers? (…/details.aspx)


    Gene Underwood

  11. Shawn Dieken says:

    Hey Gene-

    The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Performance and Scalability Documentation (…/details.aspx) is the closest thing that I have seen specifically for CRM 2015.  That CRM 2011 Intel white paper can still apply for CRM 2015 as well though as the core infrastructure and how we scale out CRM roles and services is largely the same.



    1. SrinivasCh says:

      Hi Shawn,

      I saw your reply to Gene mentioning that CRM 2011 white paper on performance benchmarks can be considered for CRM 2015 as well. May you let me know whether performance benchmarks are similar for CRM 2016 as well?

  12. Gene says:

    Thanks for the quick response sir. The 2015 paper focuses on proper coding and customization methods for scalability and not towards infrastructure. It is nice to hear the 2011 Intel white paper is still relevant for what it is, but it only addresses scalable capabilities for physical hardware running high end SSD storage. Not really applicable for run-of-the-mill vmware virtual server installations.


  13. Shawn Dieken says:

    Hi Gene-

    We have not done a white paper like that for quite a while now.  There is a CRM 4.0 suggested hardware deployment for up to 550 concurrent users (…/details.aspx) that you could reference.  Even that's still partially relevant.

    Today we have the hardware requirements that you can use as a starting point (…/hh699840.aspx) and these are based off a 320 user load simulation.  The nice part with VMWareHyperV is that you can add additional hardware resources as needed.  So, we typically start with the recommended or higher for hardware specs and then during our performance load testing using the CRM Performance Toolkit (…/hh699840.aspx) we get a better understanding of the actual load with the customer's data, customizations, etc.  Then we can either index tune, modify customizations or code andor add hardware or scale out as necessary.  It's almost always the SQL server that needs the faster disks and additional memory to help with CRM performance.  SSD's can greatly improve your IO performance and have become much more affordable lately.  Cache cards like FusionIO can also help with performance.

    If you are working with a premier customer our team offers an Infrastructure Design Service (…/datasheet_microsoft_dynamics_infrastructure_design.pdf) where we can assist with the planning and sizing of your CRM 2015 environment.

    We also offer a CRM Performance Benchmark Hands on Lab (…/datasheet_microsoft_dynamics_benchmark_hands_on_lab.pdf) where we assist with the setup, configuration and execution of the CRM Performance toolkit mentioned above.

    I hope this helps.



  14. AZEagle says:

    Hey Shawn,

    Check out what I found! 🙂 An updated infrasturcture anaylis for CRM 2013 running on Server 2012.…/details.aspx

  15. Martin Tallett at Severn Trent Water says:

    Thanks for pulling this list together Shawn. We are looking at free tools for reporting from our Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation. We have a lot of investment in Toad for Oracle and may consider Toad for SQL Server as we generally output an Excel spreadsheet containing a data feed. We have been looking at Report Builder for SQL Server but we have heard of a specific package of free reports known as Report Builder for MS Dynamics CRM but I have not been able to find anything so far.


  16. Philip Verlinden says:

    Outlook Synchronization in CRM 2015.pdf.  The Outlook Synchronization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM white paper discusses in detail how CRM data synchronization occurs between the central Dynamics CRM database, Outlook, the CRM for Outlook offline database, and the Exchange or POP3-based email server.…/details.aspx

  17. Emil Hickley says:

    Thanks man!

  18. Patricia says:

    Thanks for sharing all these resources with us. This is great technical documentation for those working with Dynamics CRM.

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