Blank page with no content is displayed when trying to view the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Implementation Guide (IG) .chm file

I recently ran into a problem when trying to view the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Implementation Guide (IG) .chm file.

I was able to view the contents in the left hand navigation and also search for content, but I was only able to see a blank white screen on the right hand side.  This is because of a built in Windows security feature that’s implemented on certain file types downloaded from the Internet.  This KB article has more details on this security feature.

I ran into a similar security problem with the CRM 2011 Implementation Guide, so it was easy to fix, but I know this could be troublesome for others as well.  So, I wanted to share this blog post with you in case you run into this issue.

I had to right click and go to the Properties of the .chm file and click Unblock.  Then I was able to view the CRM 2013 IG .chm file successfully.

Hope this helps!

Shawn Dieken

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Here are the detailed steps to resolve this issue:



1. Navigate to the folder you extracted the Implementation Guide files | Right Click on the .chm file | Select Properties.

2. Select the ‘Unblock’ button at the bottom of the General tab and then click OK.



You should now be able to view and search the CRM 2013 Implementation Guide chm file successfully.


Comments (11)

  1. Stephan van der Plas says:

    I am having this issue with all chm help files, but there is no Unblock button in the general tab of the properties window.

  2. shawndieken says:

    Hi Stephan-

    I haven't run into this issue recently, so I am not sure if it's just my PC settings, or what is different for me.  I have seen that unblock missing recently as well.  Maybe another Windows resource can educate us more on that.  However, in the meantime it looks like you can still use PowerShell to unblock the file.…/how-do-i-unblock-downloaded-files  

    Hope this helps.



  3. M says:

    Works for me. Thanks!

  4. David says:

    Thanks a lot. saved me a lot of time

  5. Sachin says:

    Works for me

  6. HernanGaleano says:


  7. Rosalía says:


    tenía muchos días con este problema

  8. Guy LeBleu says:

    More often than not, this kind of problem has nothing to do with what is explained above, and is easily cured by simply moving the file to a different folder, with a simpler path.
    Try the following very simple test : drop a copy of your problematic CHM file on the desktop, and open it.
    If the file is normally constituted, it will most likely open normally and display its content correctly.
    That kind of problem occcurs for reasons related to the fact that the application handling chm files cannot reach the contents of the file. Take the case of a path such as “C;\something\book #1\helpful hints.chm”, which contains a pound sign. The presence of that symbol in the path will render the contents of the file invisible to the chm handler, even though you may see the navigation links in the left panel.

    1. brunetl says:

      Thank you! Moving it to C drive fixed the issue.

  9. Kim says:

    Thanks a lot! You are a life saver! :)