Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 10 Re-released

You may have noticed that the Update Rollup 10 build number was incremented on the Microsoft Download Center page for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 10. This is because the Update Rollup 10 packages were re-released on 10/4/2012. The original build number of Update Rollup 10 was 5.0.9690.2730. The build number of the re-release is 05.00.9690.2740. The new packages include "v2" in the title, i.e. CRM2011-Server-KB2710577-v2-ENU-amd64.exe, etc.

General guidance regarding this re-release:

  • If you plan to go to Update Rollup 11 (description available via now) then do so when it is available. You don't need to install the Update Rollup 10 re-release unless you're impacted by any of the issues listed below
  • If you plan to stay on Update Rollup 10 for a while, install the UR 10 re-release as soon as possible.
    • You should have the re-released Update Rollup 10 installed by the end of calendar year 2012
  • Release of the Update Rollup 10 re-release to CRM Online is expected to begin, using a phased approach, the week of Oct. 8th, 2012

Fixes released in the Update Rollup 10 re-release are few, and include:

  • Missing LocalizedLabel record for new SavedQuery
  • JavaScript editor limited to 2000 characters
  • CRM Outlook crash when configured to use SQL CE 4.0
  • DialogArguments reference in Outlook Client Modal Dialog Causes Memory Leak
  • Two entries inserted into ActivityPointerBase when reply to a tracked email
  • Unable to add a sales literature to Custom entities
  • SQL timeout on Security roles when importing Managed Customer Solution
  • After installing Update Rollup 10 Client, Outlook users may experience error "An error has occurred."

Greg Nichols

Microsoft Premier Field Engineering

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