Using the CRM Diagnostics Page to Capture Network Performance

Network performance between the client and server will play a key factor in how well CRM performs for the end users. It is very common to have users working from remote locations where the network performance is unknown. There are several methods to test network performance, but since the release of Update Rollup 4 CRM has included its own diagnostics page to show bandwidth, latency and JavaScript Rendering performance.

This diagnostics page will issue a series of pings from client to server and transfer several blobs of data. Based on this data it will provide the latency in milliseconds and max transfer speeds achieved. This is a quick and easy way to identify the network performance without having to install any tools on the client or server. Using this tool you can gather baseline performance from various locations and determine expected response times given the users bandwidth and latency.  This should be taken into consideration when planning and designing a CRM environment to provide the best user experience available. 

In the Optimizing and Maintaining Client Performance for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM Online document it states that “Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to work best over networks with latency under 150 milliseconds”. Each company may have a different acceptable latency and bandwidth ranges depending on what their acceptable load times are. I have worked with CRM users in other countries where the latency between client and server has been as high as 350ms. CRM was still usable, but will not perform at the same level as someone that is near the CRM Server location. High latency will be expected when traveling over such a long distance and is something that needs to be factored into the design.  New features in CRM 2011 such as the Read-optimized forms continue to improve the user experience where latency and bandwidth are a concern.

To use the diagnostics page you can simply browse to the page by using the URL http://<YourCRMServerURL>/tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx and click the Run button to start the tests. This page is available for both CRM Online and OnPremise.




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Jeremy Morlock

Microsoft Premier Field Engineer

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  1. İsmail TUTUMLUER says:


  2. Mohamed Ali Safiulla says:

    Hi Jeremy,

       Seems i dont find the pages under /tools folder to access the page via browser. I am missing anything here?

    Thanks !


  3. JMorlock says:

    Hello Safi,

    You have to have at least Update Rollup 4 installed on the CRM 2011 server for the diag.aspx page to exist.

  4. Hi Jermy,

      Thanks a lot. Unfortunatly the update rollup 4  is missing in the server, but i have 5,6,7 in the server.  Thought it is cumulative. Is there any workaround to achive this.



  5. JMorlock says:

    Safi, Yes this should be cumulative and created even if you skipped UR4.  If the folder is missing there may be something wrong with the installation.

  6. Rashid says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    We are looking for ways to mimic the RUN-button-click so that we can programmatically run the diagnostics function without someone having to MANUALLY-click (on the RUN-button). We want to keep a log of the network performance data that the diagnostics-utility is retrieving. We want to collect this data over weeks (may be months). But we need to call this via program/script so that the users don't have to manually click.

    I'll appreciate any help you can provide.

    Thank you,


    1. Steve Black says:

      Same here. Would like to script this so it can be run with our current monitoring tools and then return a value that we could alert off.

  7. Thomas says:


    Thanx for the post. I have a couple of questions, and i hope you can help me out with some of them. We also have to deploy a crm on premise installation all around the planet. Our company is located in central Europe (close to Germany) . We have a lot of customization in our crm. We have a lot of java script, own ribbon bars, own menu structures and up to 7 grid views on one site. I know you said that crm still will work with a higher latency (i have about 250 ms to Indonesia, our next customer), but that its not going to perform very well. Can you specify that a bit, altough i know that it´s hard to describe "poor performance". Do you know any WAN-Optimizers like "Riverbed" do you think using one of those would help with dynamics crm?

    With kind regards,


  8. Hi Thomas, Riverbed and other appliances helped quite a bit in 4.0 however in CRM 2011 the help these devices provide has been somewhat diminished for several reasons, primarily due to the fact that CRM now leverages caching much better than ever before and also now uses gzip compression by default for static content. It may still help in the very very high latency scenarios but probably lesser so than in 4.0. In 250ms+ scenarios I would recommend making sure you turn on all the compression optimizations & Kerberos optimizations in this blog (also look at claims based auth instead of AD Auth as this would help for ongoing auth requests). Finally, if this is still not quite working you could potentially look at using Remote Desktop Services & published apps to users to use CRM over RDP.

  9. John Lin says:

    Thanks. I was looking for a performance tool.. didn't know it already has one built-in.

  10. hirofujira says:

    Thanks. I was looking for a performance tool.. didn't know it already has one built-in. Also, for those who don't know. This diagnostics tool page is also available on CRM 2013

  11. DSeydou Services says:


    After running diag.aspx, i got 3040 ms, any body knows how can i resolve it.

    I use wireshark to see more details on network,

    Here is forum link:…/163271

    Best regards;

  12. harishini says:

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  13. Vinay Kumar says:

    It would be good if we have appropriate range like High, Normal to compare with results.

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