Reminders not working with Outlook 2010 SP1 and CRM 2011–Fix Available

I recently received a new laptop from Microsoft, all pre-loaded and ready to use.  I configured Outlook, configured CRM, restored some files and started to use my new machine.  However, I had one very pesky issue with my laptop, I noticed that none of my Outlook reminders were working.  So, I started to tinker, I created an appointment in the past and nothing happened, I ran the outlook process with the /cleanreminders switch and no change, I even downloaded MFCMapi and dug through the reminders table thinking that I may find some clues there.  At that time, it didn’t occur to me that this could possibly be related to CRM. I searched Bing and other popular search engines but the results were all over the map, then a coworker suggested I search the newly updated (why didn’t I think of that)?  I searched “Outlook reminders not showing”.  As I was reading the third result: KB article #2586274), I was thinking to myself “I don’t have SP1 installed so this can’t be the problem…” but then it dawned on me: my new laptop came preloaded with Office 2010 SP1 – something I had not yet installed on my previous laptop. 

To sum things up: if you also have Office 2010 with SP1 installed and are using the CRM 2011 client be sure to install the August update to Outlook to avoid missing any important reminders. 

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Scott Jackson says:

    A similar problem now occurs with Outlook 2007 which for CRM 2011 users, the remidners were broken by a Windows update that was released.  A hot fix is available on the same KB article.…/2586274

  2. You are correct Scott, also please be advised: if your system is x64 you may still have office 32 bit installed.  If that is the case you'll find the August update by clicking the "Show hotfixes for all platforms and languages (2)" hyperlink on the download page.  This will uncover the 32 bit version of the fix which may apply to your system.

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