CRM 2011: Silently Installing Update Rollups

Many of my customers like to install CRM Outlook client update rollups silently in order to limit end-user interruption.  It is possible to silently install Update Rollups.  I've listed the necessary steps below:

  • Download the CRM update rollup that you'd like to apply from the Microsoft Download Center (ex.  CRM2011-Client-KB2547347-ENU-i386.exe)
  • Extract the update rollup package (CRM2011-Client-KB2547347-ENU-i386.exe /extract)
  • After extracting the package, you'll see a file named CrmUpdateWrapper.exe
  • To silently install the update rollup via a command prompt, launch the CrmUpdateWrapper (ex.  crmupdatewrapper.exe /q /log "C:loglog.txt")
    • The above syntax silently installs the update rollup and creates a log file in the specified folder.  Additional parameters that can be used are:
      • /? = available parameter options
      • /q = silent install
      • /passive = installer/uninstall runs in passive mode
      • /norestart = even if required, does not restart the computer after installation is completed
      • /forcerestart = even if it is not required, restarts the computer after installation is completed
      • /promptrestart = prompts the user to restart the computer after the installation is completed when a restart is required
      • /uninstall = update is uninstalled
      • /log = user can define the log file local path name

While it is definitely possible to run the above silent install from a command prompt, most customers will choose to use these parameters when pushing out update rollups through deployment software (ex. System Center Configuration Manager).


- Jon

Comments (5)

  1. Rich Suarez says:

    This did not work for Rollup 6 or Rollup 8

  2. Jon Tichenor says:

    Appears to not be working for me either. The install appears successful, but when attempting to use the product, we get the following error:

    Unable to load DLL 'osafehtm.dll'

    Reinstalling Update Rollup 8 manually (using the exact same command line that we used for the programmatic install) right on top of the existing install resolves the issue.

  3. Bart says:

    Doesn't seem to work, here are steps I've taken so far while testing silent installation within Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 32-bit before distributing via SCCM;

    – Downloaded Update Rollup 2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 (KB 2919956) and extracted to C:CRMUpdate Rollup 2

    – used psexec -i -s to spawn a command prompt in the "nt authoritysystem" context (which is used by SCCM)

    – used following command to launch the rollup installation;

    "Update Rollup 2CrmUpdateWrapper.exe" /q /norestart /passive /log "c:tempCRM2013-Client-KB2919956-ENU-i386.log"

    While it shows a progress window and appears to install without any interaction, when completed there is Finish button to click and window remains open until this is clicked.

    Any suggestions on how others have (if at all) have been able to deploy this silently?

    On another note, when installing CRM 2013 for Outlook client in the "nt authoritysystem" context silently, setup launches iexplore.exe, however as the "system" user does not have a profile, an ugly IE first time run settings window appears. Very poor…

    This is quite frustrating all the same, it should not be this difficult to deploy a Microsoft application, to a Microsoft OS, using Microsoft software deployment technology (Configuration Manager).

  4. Sergio says:

    @Bart With "/q", the parameter "/passive" is not necessary.

  5. JAaron Anderson says:

    is there a way to use CrmUpdateWrapper and leverage its instruction commands to completely freeze any modification to updating roll-ups ever ? we dont want roll-ups to update least not automatically silent ut completely a manual planned intentionsl process.

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