Duplicate Detection in CRM 4.0 – Good, Bad & Ugly

CRM 4.0 provides this powerful feature that enables users and administrators to identify and manage duplicate records in the system. Duplicate detection is enabled by default with CRM 4.0 installation. Duplicate detection is capable of detecting duplicates during the creation / update of records, when the Outlook client comes Online and when data is imported….

All System jobs are ‘waiting’ in CRM 4.0

Why all the System jobs are in waiting status in CRM 4.0? I have always noticed many of my customers complaining about a very common scenario in CRM where the system jobs are always in “waiting” status. Though there can be many reasons for this behavior I thought of writing about the most common scenario…

Useful links for CRM 2011

This blog contains the useful links to CRM which can be ideally helpful in configuring/maintaining CRM application and its related components. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Configuring Claims-based Authentication white paper We have complete end-to-end guide to configure the IFD/Claims based authentication for CRM 2011. It also explains the in depth concepts about claims authentication mechanism,…