CRM for Outlook fails to configure with Dynamics CRM Online

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This article talks about the outlook client configuration for CRM online organizations. Microsoft has changed the platform for all CRM Online organizations to work with integrated environment. This is called Office 365. Since the change we have seen a lot of users failing to configure outlook for CRM. Further I will talk about the changes that you will need to do to over comes this issue.

Once you start configuring outlook you get a generic exception “Microsoft Dynamics CRM has encountered an error. Please contact Microsoft Support” or “Microsoft Dynamics CRM cannot authenticate the user. Contact Microsoft Support”.

Further if we collect the CRM outlook traces, we see below exception report

Error that is seen in the Crm50ClientConfig.log when configuring
Note: This happens when we provide CRM online URL.

Exception report

Error| Error connecting to URL:
Exception: Microsoft.Crm.CrmException: Logon failed because credentials are invalid ---> Microsoft.Crm.Passport.IdCrl.IdCrlException: LogonIdentityExWithUI()
at Microsoft.Crm.Passport.IdCrl.FederationLogOnManager.LogonPassport(String policy, String partner, LOGON_FLAG logonFlag)
at Microsoft.Crm.Passport.IdCrl.FederationLogOnManager.Logon(String userName, String password, String partner, String policy, String& memberName)
at Microsoft.Crm.Outlook.ClientAuth.PassportAuthProvider`1.SignIn()

Let's talk about a bit why this fails?

The reason for authentication failure is expects live id credentials and user gets redirected WLID authentication site instead of the new O365 online sign in URL To overcome this error a user needs to Configure outlook client by using any of the below options. Since the new orgs have been provisioned on the new OSDP platform we will need to change the outlook client configuration slightly. In the configuration wizard enter the URL in this format https://disco.crm5.dynamics.comor use CRM online.

Configuration Steps

Step 1: Provide URL

Option 1:

Option 2:


Step 2: Provide user credentials

Step 3: Select your organization

Step 4: You're done

This will finish the configuration and we are all set to use the outlook clients for CRM Online!

Sudhir Nory

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  1. Andy says:

    You are a life saver. Microsoft outlook client installation guide has no instructions for installting client for CRM online, and was driving me nuts with unable to authenticate error.

    Your article works. One comment though, Option 1, doesn't work.

  2. Abhinav says:

    Thanks buddy. It works. I was trying this from last 15 days.

  3. Caleb says:

    It wont work for me it says server might be avaiable. any ideas thank you

  4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions says:

    Thanks for a great help. Great article. This will help a lot to install client for CRM online.

  5. Tanu says:


    Firstly thanks for the post.

    On step 2, i would like to check if my machine is a part of domain then it should auhenticate and open crm for oulook….

    Else if should open outlook but "GO OFFLINE " functionality should be disabled.

    i want to do it for crm 2011 on-premise..

    I am going nuts, not able to do it. Please help me…

  6. Johan says:


    I have the same problem, but no way to get it solved. To clear things out: I'm office 365 user, I have for the moment 2 CRM licenses. The client crm 2011 works fine on my computers here in Belgium, but if I try to connect my employee in Algeria, I get this error. She can work online though.

    I configurated het machine overhere and everything worked fine. When we started to work offline in ALgeria, problems began. I uninstalled CRM and reinstalled it, same problem. Could it be Country related?

    Tried the "crm online" option as well as the "" option.

    Same thing overhere, going nuts…

  7. HYD sys says:


    Thanku it is very helpful for me,

    but i have doubt that my

    i tried above steps with this URL,but iam unable to connect.

    Any one help me out..

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Michael Kirst-Neshva says:


    do you worling with AZURE PowerShell?

    Than you have an actual MSO Assistent.

    Deinstalle that and instlling an older one (…/details.aspx)

    After that, the login is working (on my Notebook)

    good luck,


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