Issues When Updating Records Using the REST Endpoint for Web Resources and Silverlight

When you update records using Silverlight and the REST Endpoint for Web resources, unless you have worked around this issue you are updating every field even if the data hasn’t changed. This can lead to the following problems: Potential for data loss Auditing data does not correctly reflect actual changes Event driven features such as…


Bing Map Browser Solution ~ Hierarchical Tree View

In case you aren’t aware, Silverlight and JavaScript Web Resources support the SOAP service(Organization.svc) of CRM 2011 in addition to the REST service(OrganizationData.svc). For more details, see here. SOAP service provides additional capabilities that are currently not present in the REST service. Few of these that I personally like are: Execute Fetch XML based requests for RetrieveMultiple….


Next Generation Application Framework Hits Beta

Guest blogger MVP Regional Director David Yack shares with us some of his insights after playing with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 beta bits. Last week Microsoft released a beta version of Dynamics CRM 2011. CRM 2011 has been in private preview mode over the last couple of years and is now available for public…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Silverlight Duo

This post is from CRM MVP Julie Yack who is at PDC ‘09. Today at PDC Scott Guthrie announced not only loads of cool new features for Silverlight 4, but also the release today of the Beta. So, what in the world does that have to do with CRM? Glad that you asked. We’ve got…


Silverlight 3 Jumpstart Book Released

Our Regional Director and .NET MVP David Yack has written yet another book. I’m pleased to announce that our latest book Silverlight 3 Jumpstart has been released and now available for purchase.  Silverlight 3 Jumpstart is perfect for .NET Developers that want to get started learning about Silverlight.  The book is focused on the key…


New Silverlight 2 Sample on Code Gallery

I recently did an investigation into using Silverlight 2 with Microsoft CRM 4.0. I have posted the resulting project and supporting documentation on Code Gallery. See Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 On Premise Silverlight 2 Bar Chart Sample. Unlike many code samples you may find, this one includes full step-by-step instructions about building and deploying the…


Business Action World Tour

We’ve had some great success with the Business Action World Tour events worldwide.  We’re now reprising that content virtually for those ISVs and developers who could not attend a physical event.  Be sure to register via the links at the bottom of the post.  Feel free to invite others…  you know wake the kids, call…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Silverlight 2 direct calls sample

  There are multiple ways that you can call the CRM Services from Silverlight 2.  I’ve seen people using POX (Plain Old XML) and hand crafting SOAP packets, for example David Yack has a nice set of helper classes that he uses in his book; I’ve also seen (and created) examples that use a WCF…


Developing CRM Form logic using Silverlight 1.1 Managed Code

The fact that I have moved my focus to other projects at Microsoft does not mean that I have forgotten about the CRM developers.  I am watching the CRM team very closely and to prove it here is some sample code that I want to share with you all.  I have recently been prototyping some…