Data management for Activity Feeds entities

We just released Activity Feeds for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With most new features come the additional amount of data introduced with it and this is also true for Activity Feeds. Every time a user creates a post or a comment, a record is created. Every time an auto post is generated, another record is created….


R4 Import Data Wizard – Tips and Tricks

The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online “Import Data Wizard” supports .csv, .txt and .xml file format for source data input. It also supports upload of multiple files in one Import session in compressed file format (.Zip). A .zip file can include files of .csv, .xml, or .txt file types. All files in a single compressed…


Importing Data from to Microsoft CRM Online – Part 3

Welcome back!! I hope you are enjoying the powerful and easy to use Microsoft CRM in your day to day activities. This post is the last in series of the Importing data from – Part 1 and Importing data from – Part 2 blogs. In the previous post I had covered the entity…


Driving better data habits in Microsoft Dynamics CRM through scoring

Good data in a CRM system is critical to its ongoing success and usefulness to a business. Months or even years after you have successfully deployed the system, the real measure of its success is how much the system is being used and the value being returned by the system such as better insight into…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Automatic Customizations

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has recently released November 2009 Service update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM online. One of the key features delivered as part of this release is enhanced Import Data Wizard. To familiarize yourself with the new capabilities of enhanced Import Data Wizard, follow the link Introducing-the-import-data-wizard. Some of the features like automatic customization, importing…


Data Wizard: Using field delimiters characters in data source files

The enhanced Import Data wizard released in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online November 2009 Service Update supports different formats of input source data file such as XML Spreadsheet 2003 (.xml), Comma-separated values (.csv), Text (.txt) and compressed files (.zip). For more information on supported file types, please visit: If input source data is in Text/CSV-formatted…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Data Import tool

On Codeplex there is a tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM On Premise  that allows you to modify records and then re-update the CRM system with them. There are two advantages to this tool. The first is that you can update the records in a grid view and the other is that you can export the…


CRM Usage Reporting Unleashed

Our CRM MVP guest blogger for today is David Jennaway who is the technical director at Excitation. A frequent request we come across is from companies who want to know which users are using CRM and when. The CRM platform provides the facility to gather detailed usage information by writing plug-ins, but a simpler and…


Using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Import Wizard

I regularly get requests for assistance with data migration challenges.  Data migrations are never easy due to the differences in data values and formats that exist between systems.  The easiest way to import data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM is using the Track in CRM capabilities available within the Outlook client.  But assuming your needs are…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pre-Filtering Tips

CRM Pre-Filtering is a very useful option that can be enabled on CRM reports to make them context sensitive and to allow the report to be filtered using the Advanced Find functionality.  Although this is a great feature, it is often an area that is not fully understood which can lead to someone encountering unexpected…