Create Sample Data for your Solution

In This Post: Problem statement How to create and export CRM Data How to create DataMap and save it How to import sample data using SDK APIs Conclusion Further reading Problem statement You have created a solution using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Solutions framework and you want people to download it and try it….


Leverage Microsoft Excel to edit records

Have you ever wanted to edit multiple Microsoft Dynamics CRM records from within Microsoft Excel, without having to open each record’s individual form? With this new Dynamics CRM 2011 feature, it is possible to update Dynamics CRM records using Microsoft Excel (2003, 2007, or 2010). All you have to do is export data from any…


Data Templates and Import Data Wizard made Easier

Data Templates and Import Data Wizard features were introduced as part of Nov 2009 Microsoft Dynamics CRM online service update. Now these features will be available as part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online, On Premise and Internet-Facing Deployments (IFD) with some improvements and new functionality. This blog post covers some of the improvements that…


Working with Data Maps in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

In the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online November 2009 Service update release, one of the key delivered features was enhanced Import Data Wizard. This feature brings lots of power and functionality and one of its main components that work behind the scene to make everything possible is Data Map. It works as back-bone of Import process…


R4 Import Data Wizard – Tips and Tricks

The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online “Import Data Wizard” supports .csv, .txt and .xml file format for source data input. It also supports upload of multiple files in one Import session in compressed file format (.Zip). A .zip file can include files of .csv, .xml, or .txt file types. All files in a single compressed…


Look-up Data and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Import Data Wizard

I am sure you are following the series of blogs introducing you to Import Data Wizard of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online November 2009 Service update. This blog will help you with importing records having references to other records. These “other records” can be the records in same file, other files present in the same ZIP…


Importing Multiple Files using ZIP Import

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has released November 2009 Service update. One of the key delivered features was the enhanced Import Data Wizard. You are probably already familiar with importing data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM using various file types and the power of customization during import. In this blog I will dive deep into import ZIP…


Importing Data from to Microsoft CRM Online – Part 3

Welcome back!! I hope you are enjoying the powerful and easy to use Microsoft CRM in your day to day activities. This post is the last in series of the Importing data from – Part 1 and Importing data from – Part 2 blogs. In the previous post I had covered the entity…


Importing Data from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online – Part 2

Welcome back, to the second part in series of Importing data from In this post I will take you deeper into the mapping details of the two maps, which I introduced in my earlier post. The out of box Maps, map 18 record types from to the corresponding record types in…


Data Wizard: Using field delimiters characters in data source files

The enhanced Import Data wizard released in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online November 2009 Service Update supports different formats of input source data file such as XML Spreadsheet 2003 (.xml), Comma-separated values (.csv), Text (.txt) and compressed files (.zip). For more information on supported file types, please visit: If input source data is in Text/CSV-formatted…