Manage Auto Save

Applies to: CRM 2013 and CRM Online Fall ‘13 Auto save enables automatic save of records at fixed short interval for update without the need for you to explicitly click on “Save” button every time. Now you don’t need to worry about saving record when you are working on a record for a long time….


Where Did the CRM Resource Center Go?

Hi everyone, I manage the Dynamics CRM Resource Center (recently renamed the Customer Center), and I’ve noticed some questions about how users should get to the site and access help from within the CRM application.  While the product’s site map no longer includes a direct link to the Customer Center, there are still two easy ways…


Updated Whitepaper – Optimizing and Maintaining a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Server Infrastructure

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enterprise Content Team is pleased to announce the latest release of the white paper Optimizing and Maintaining a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Server Infrastructure, which is available for download here or accessible online via TechNet. What’s New in this Release? Primary updates include new information about optimizing the performance of: Queries…


Getting started guide for business users

We know that new users of Dynamics CRM often have a lot to contend with when they start trying to get their work done on a daily basis in the software. We think those first few days could be a bit easier to adjust to if more information is available about how to use the…


Video: introduction to Activity Feeds

We’ve been hearing from customers who would like to know more about Activity Feeds, the new social-based communication tool offered in our fall release. People have told use they’d like to know more about everything from how to customize it down to just getting a basic sense of what we’re offering. We’re pleased to report…


Getting started for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online administrators

After you’ve purchased Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but before the business users in your organization start using it, there are some basic tasks that you, as the Microsoft Dynamics CRM administrator, should complete. They’re summarized for you in this article, which details the very basic things you need to complete to get started.  If you’ve purchased…


Create Sample Data for your Solution

In This Post: Problem statement How to create and export CRM Data How to create DataMap and save it How to import sample data using SDK APIs Conclusion Further reading Problem statement You have created a solution using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Solutions framework and you want people to download it and try it….


Data management for Activity Feeds entities

We just released Activity Feeds for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With most new features come the additional amount of data introduced with it and this is also true for Activity Feeds. Every time a user creates a post or a comment, a record is created. Every time an auto post is generated, another record is created….


Configuring & Using “Dynamics CRM” Mobile App

Dynamics CRM Mobile App is recently released to the windows phone Marketplace. Here, in this article, I’ll try to explain how to take configure the app against your CRM Online & IFD organizations and its high level capabilities to use from the phone. Configuring “Dynamics CRM” for your organization: You can find “Dynamics CRM” app…


Configuring the List Component in SharePoint Online

  The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 List Component adds functionality to SharePoint which enables Document Management capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In order to deploy the List Component Solution the following modifications to SharePoint are required: Run the following command in the SharePoint Management Console for a specific Web application: AllowHtcExtn.ps1 <Web Application URL>. Alternatively,…