Personalizing Reports for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has excellent reporting capabilities. Customizers have the option to create SSRS reports using SQL or CRM’s querying language, FetchXML, in on premise deployments. Customizers must leverage FetchXML to create SSRS reports in online deployments for improved security and performance. ISVs should consider creating reports using FetchXML to reach the broadest audience….


Video: Create and run

The reporting feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides default(out-of-the-box) reports for the most common business needs. It also provides aReport Wizard that lets you create custom reports for your specificrequirements. We’ve recently published a new video that shows how you cancreate new reports or run reports to extract and view your data in a structuredway….


Increasing CRM Adoption with Inline Reporting

Last week at Convergence I lead a session on reporting for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. At that session I’d promised to provide some more details on how you can embed SQL Server Reporting Services reports into your CRM forms. This technique improves adoption of CRM by adding context to forms and by providing a richer user…


Driving better data habits in Microsoft Dynamics CRM through scoring

Good data in a CRM system is critical to its ongoing success and usefulness to a business. Months or even years after you have successfully deployed the system, the real measure of its success is how much the system is being used and the value being returned by the system such as better insight into…


Using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services with Microsoft CRM Online

Microsoft CRM Online has a built in reporting wizard that allows you to create reports online without any other tools. These reports are persisted in the CRM Online application. This allows you to create reports without any detail knowledge of the report architecture. This is very convenient for users and requires very little training to…


Data Integration – a Reporting Approach

Our guest blogger today is CRM MVP David Jennaway, the technical director of Excitation Ltd, a Microsoft Gold Partner in the UK that specializes in delivering Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions. This post originated with a conversation I was having with a potential customer who was considering buying Dynamics CRM. He had been prompted by his…


Creating Report Subscriptions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4

How to Create a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 Report Subscription in less than 15 minutes Our guest blogger today is CRM MVP Donna Edwards who blogs regularly here. I frequently respond to questions about creating Report Subscriptions in Dynamics CRM 4 (on premise version) so I thought it would be helpful to provide some detailed…


CRM Online: Reporting Options

Today’s guest blogger, CRM MVP Frank Lee, describes reporting options available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a fantastic CRM platform for most small medium businesses (SMB) – it is so easy and inexpensive to get started.  However, one area of challenge for Microsoft CRM Online is custom reporting.  Some background…


Including External Data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Reports

CRM MVP Joel Lindstrom, a Solutions Consultant for CustomerEffective, blogs about BI solutions. So you want to create a report that references data from another database.  Perhaps you want to correlate your CRM data with your ERP data to see how CRM activities are affecting your orders in financials.  Of course, you could do an…


Use Shared Data Source for custom Microsoft Dynamics CRM reports

Meet guest blogger Jim Wang, Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP. He is a technical consultant working for, an UK based consulting company. He has been working on Microsoft Dynamics CRM since version 1.2. Recently I have been asked to modify some reports. In my current project we have 4 environments (Development, Training, UAT, and Production)…