Communication that Works for You

One of my biggest frustrations at Microsoft is the fact that so much of our content only goes 1 way: from Microsoft out.  We may post it on a Web site, send it as an e-mail or put it in Help, but ultimately it is one-to-many communication.  And very often it is left to get…


Bio – Kate Harper

Kate Harper is the User Experience Group Manager for Microsoft CRM in the Microsoft Business Unit.  She manages design, usability, and user assistance for the group.  Before moving to MBS, Kate was the UA manager for MSN.  In her 11 years at Microsoft she has managed the Visual Languages UA team, directed the documentation and…


Bio – Humberto Lezama Guadarrama

I’m Humberto, tech geek, loving husband, grateful son and brother.   I’ve been in the IT industry for quite a few years now. My passion is everything related to the “Web”; I love the way the Web empowers people to achieve their full potential. I started to work on Web Apps well before I finished…


Microsoft CRM plug-ins

As an intern on the team that is currently looking into future enhancements of the Marketing Automation (MA) capabilities of Microsoft CRM (MS CRM) I have noticed many opportunities in which ‘pluggable’ components may play an important role to enrich the functionality that we offer in this area. Currently, version 3.0 already has many areas…


A Rose By Any Other Name: Outlook client naming

Once upon a time I owned a feature called “Microsoft Business Solutions Customer Relationship Management 1.2 Sales for Outlook client”.  I liked to brag that my feature used every word ever.   It wasn’t always like this and it is no longer like this.  The browser based client has pretty much always just been called…


Deploying Outlook client to managed environments

Did you know that it’s possible to deploy the Microsoft CRM client for Outlook out to managed desktop environments – even if users are running with limited user privileges?   One of the lesser known capabilities for the 3.0 release is support for deployment of the CRM client for Outlook using Group Policy.  It works…


Bio – Andrew Bybee

Andrew Bybee is a lead program manager with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team responsible for delivering developer and deployment investments in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product. He has over 12 years of experience developing vertical solutions and platform technologies for business customers across a range of industries, engaged customers at every stage from pre-sales to…


CRM Performance Monitors

Being new to the CRM Team, I’ve been learning about and using the CRM V 3.0 product. During my initial inspections, I’ve noticed the dearth of CRM specific performance counters. Performance monitors are fundamental to the process of isolating bottlenecks. They can also help identify performance tuning opportunities. An excellent book with more about the science…


Bio – David Fisher

David Fisher is a Program Manager for Deployment/Administration and has been on the CRM Team for just over 4 months.  Before joining the CRM Team, David spent the previous 6 years as Program Manager on the portal team.   When not at work, David spends his time with his family and playing bass guitar.


Images for Custom Entities

I often find many customers and partners don’t take advantage of CRM’s ability to add icons for custom entities. Apart from making your application look ‘less boring’ there are significant usability benefits for your end users. In the Customize Entities menu simply highlight a custom entity and then click More Actions in the toolbar and…