Add Find Columns

I frequently encounter ‘Power Customizers’ who are unaware of a very basic customization feature: Add Find Columns. Each CRM entity has two special views: Quick Find and Lookup.   The Quick Find view is the view displayed after an user invokes a Quick Find Search:     The Lookup view is the view displayed in…


Bio – Charles Eliot

My name is Charles Eliot, and I’m the Group Program Manager for Release Management for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team, which is just a fancy way of saying that I’m the lead project manager. I joined the CRM team in late 2001. I started at Microsoft in 1992 as a contract tester, and was hired…


Why Filtered Views Are Cool

In this article I want to describe my favorite feature from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0: Filtered Views.   Background   Dynamics CRM is built on top of a complex SQL Server database. The CRM Platform component was designed to manage access to the underlying SQL Server database, providing an API layer, security services (permissions, roles,…


Welcome to the CRM Team blog

Hi, thanks for stopping by.   If you’re interested in Microsoft CRM, you’ll know that there are already a bunch of really great blogs out there, regularly serving up quality posts about our product.  If you haven’t already, we highly recommend that you take a look at all the blogs we’ve listed at the side….


Bio – Wan Li Zhu

Wan Li Zhu is a product manager on Microsoft Dynamics CRM team focusing on technical marketing.  In his previous role, he was a program manager for business intelligence on the Dynamics CRM product development team.


Bio – Ilana Smith

Ilana Smith began her Microsoft career in 2000, working in Enterprise Sales in Brisbane, Australia. While there, she used a (rival) CRM product – this experience inspired her to join the Microsoft CRM team, after a short detour via the Exchange product group.   Ilana was a program manager on the CRM team for three…