CRM 3.0 Performance Story

Microsoft CRM V3 was designed with performance in mind. We dedicated significant resource bandwidth and timeline to ensure that we tackle performance issues early and reliably. We laid out a performance plan during the engineering cycle, followed it closely, reviewed it frequently, revised it as and when necessary and adhered to it as part of…


Customization Prefix

Many people often forget to set the Customization Prefix when they customize CRM. When you create new entities and attributes CRM automatically creates tables and columns for you in its SQL Server database. It adds the Prefix to the names of those tables and attributes. CRM’s Web Services and underlying platform also uses these ‘schema…


Commenting is back!

We were wondering why we weren’t getting comments on posts…until we tried on comment on one ourselves.  Our intrepid site manager Jim Glass has now fixed the problem with some errant script, so comments are back. Two recent posts (Sudip’s post yesterday about MUI and Kari’s post from Wednesday about customer-centric businesses) asked for your feedback,…


Related Entity Data in Excel Spreadsheet

The grids in Microsoft CRM 3.0 don’t have related entity information.  You can’t for example look at a list of opportunities and see the account rating or account territory of the opportunity’s potential customer on the same row.    With the export to dynamic Excel feature in 3.0, you can actually edit the spreadsheet query…


Multi-lingual Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

I’m posting this blog so as to clarify the position of Multi-lingual support for Microsoft CRM from product prospective.   Current Status Microsoft Dynamics CRM V3.0 although is available in 22 languages, there is no multi-lingual User Interface Support. That means that single Microsoft Dynamics CRM V3 cannot support multiple languages UI within the same…


Bio – Sudip Roy

Sudip Roy has been involved with ERP Product Development and Implementation for the last 11+ years and has been on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product development team for more than four years. His focus area has been international, being involved with the localization of the product in 22 languages, the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM…


Bio – Kari Hensien

Hello there – I work on Product Planning for Microsoft CRM.  I joined the team in 2005 after spending 5 years in Office working on planning for Windows SharePoint Services, Office 2007 Server – Document Lifecycle, Outlook and MS Project. I joined the CRM team because of the people and their specific solution focus.   The…


Putting Customers at the Center of Business

Do companies really gain competitive advantage by putting customers at the center?   I thought for my first team blog entry I would take a stab at sharing a question CRM Product Planning has been thinking about for a while and would love your thoughts and examples.  What separates a good sales team from a…


A Sea of Ugly Mugs

Things are hectic around here at the moment, and people tend to hide when I come to ask about blog posts, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce us. On the day we finished v3.0, we celebrated a little.  But before we kicked that off, a bit before the halls became carpeted in…


Bio – Praveen Upadhyay

“Praveen Upadhyay is a program manager in CRM team. Praveen is passionate about creating a self-service process/task automation experience for MSCRM users. Praveen’s interests include going for long walks with friends and reading books.”