CRM Performance Monitors

Being new to the CRM Team, I’ve been learning about and using the CRM V 3.0 product. During my initial inspections, I’ve noticed the dearth of CRM specific performance counters. Performance monitors are fundamental to the process of isolating bottlenecks. They can also help identify performance tuning opportunities. An excellent book with more about the science…


Bio – David Fisher

David Fisher is a Program Manager for Deployment/Administration and has been on the CRM Team for just over 4 months.  Before joining the CRM Team, David spent the previous 6 years as Program Manager on the portal team.   When not at work, David spends his time with his family and playing bass guitar.


Images for Custom Entities

I often find many customers and partners don’t take advantage of CRM’s ability to add icons for custom entities. Apart from making your application look ‘less boring’ there are significant usability benefits for your end users. In the Customize Entities menu simply highlight a custom entity and then click More Actions in the toolbar and…


Snap to it! Activating sales proposals with Microsoft Dynamics Snap for Microsoft CRM

I was recently talking to one of our new customers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 about how this organization generated sales quotations for their customers using their old CRM system. This organization spent a little over $1 million dollars deploying a new Sales Performance System, with the goal of simplifying quote generation and order entry…


Bio – Bill Patterson

Bill Patterson is the Group Product Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Bill is a former CRM implementation consultant and has helped organizations in Professional Sports, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Homebuilding and High Tech achieve success with their CRM business strategies.    A former developer, technical evangelist, and system architect, Bill made the transition into marketing seven years…


Using Microsoft CRM to manage our blog posts

Did anyone catch that short-lived show ‘Keen Eddie’?  The main character’s trademark line was “Hi.  I’m Eddie.  How do you like me so far?”   Our grand CRM Team blog adventure has been up and running for a month.  How do you like us so far?  Give us props or a scolding in the Comments…


Bio – Naveen Garg

Naveen Garg is the Lead Program Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform team. Naveen has been with Microsoft for 14 years and has worked in Europe as well as in Redmond with various product teams including SQL Server, BackOffice Server, MOM/SMS before coming to CRM team three years ago.


CRM 3.0 Performance Story

Microsoft CRM V3 was designed with performance in mind. We dedicated significant resource bandwidth and timeline to ensure that we tackle performance issues early and reliably. We laid out a performance plan during the engineering cycle, followed it closely, reviewed it frequently, revised it as and when necessary and adhered to it as part of…


Customization Prefix

Many people often forget to set the Customization Prefix when they customize CRM. When you create new entities and attributes CRM automatically creates tables and columns for you in its SQL Server database. It adds the Prefix to the names of those tables and attributes. CRM’s Web Services and underlying platform also uses these ‘schema…


Commenting is back!

We were wondering why we weren’t getting comments on posts…until we tried on comment on one ourselves.  Our intrepid site manager Jim Glass has now fixed the problem with some errant script, so comments are back. Two recent posts (Sudip’s post yesterday about MUI and Kari’s post from Wednesday about customer-centric businesses) asked for your feedback,…