CRM for Outlook User’s Guide page is THE source for Outlook Help and training

Looking for info on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook? Check out our new CRM for Outlook User’s Guide page, your starting point for Help and training on CRM for Outlook. On the User’s Guide page, you’ll find setup and configuration videos, detailed how-tos, troubleshooting and FAQ info, and the new CRM for Outlook Basics eBook:


Use the new CRM for Outlook Basics eBook as self-service training, or if you’re in charge of training for your company, use it as the starting point for your own customized training. For more information about the CRM for Outlook Basics eBook, see our earlier blog.

We’ll continue to update the User’s Guide page to add more great info, so check back often! To find videos, eBooks, how-tos, and other info on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, visit our CRM Help Center.

Bryce Holmes
Content Developer
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
End User Team

Comments (6)

  1. Indul Hassan says:

    Hey Bryce

    I need some help in Microsoft Dynamics can you refer me to forums which deals with it.

  2. CRMSupport says:

    Hi Indul,

    You can ask CRM Dynamics questions in the community:…/117.aspx

  3. bryce holmes says:

    Hi Indul. You can find Dynamics CRM forums on the Community page:…/default.aspx

  4. Patrick says:

    How do you ADD a user from OUTLOOK to CRM? Can't you just right click "add user" to CRM? I can't find any documentation or video on how to do this.

  5. 365blog says:

    @Patrick by "user" do you mean someone with access to CRM?  If so, then it is not possible to add a user to CRM from Outlook.  If you mean adding a contact from Outlook to CRM, this may help…/track-outlook-contacts-in-crm-for-outlook.aspx

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