Team Selling

In CRM 2013, the Opportunity Sales Team supports access control and collaboration right out of the box. Members of the Opportunity Sales Team have access rights to the opportunity record type, and the access rights can be configured by the administrator. Members of the sales team are also automatically subscribed to the activity feeds for opportunity records. 

Opportunity Sales Team 

When you view the details for an opportunity, you’ll see the list of sales team members associated with the opportunity.  


You can add a new user to the sales team via the Add button, which brings up the user lookup screen so you can find and select the right person. You can also remove a user from the sales team via the Remove button, which you see when you point to the user’s name on the list.

When you send an email to the contact for the opportunity record by clicking the email address link in CRM, the sales team members are automatically added to the CC field of the email.  

The list of sales team members includes presence indication, so you can see when people are online and available, so that people can easily communicate with each other. 

Access Control 

The members of the sales team have pre-defined access rights to the opportunity record type. By default, the members have Read, Write, Append, and Append To privileges.  

Administrators can change the privileges by going to Settings > Administration > Access Team Templates.  



Any added users can access the opportunity records by using the Opportunities I am a member of view available from the list of opportunities.  





Comments (1)

  1. pharita says:

    This is a great feature. Is this available for any Entity that has the Access Team enabled and this connections setup or is this specific to Opportunity entity only at this time? How can I enable the same for Account or custom entities?


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