Auditing User Logon

Auditing of business data is a feature supported in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Included in Update rollup 5 is the ability to audit a user's logon access to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server. The information that is recorded includes when the user started accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and if access originated from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web application, Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook or SDK calls to the web services.

The following steps describe how to enable auditing of user logon access.

  1. In the site map click Settings, and then select Auditing.
  2. On the Audit page, select Global Audit Settings
  3. In the System Settings form, select (check) Audit user access.

Below is the screen shot of these steps.

You can view all the details of who logged into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system in the "Audit Summary View grid". You can
view this page by clicking the Audit Summary View button as show in the above screen shot. 

You can also retrieve the audit record of user logon access by using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK. Sample code on how
to retrieve user logon information can be found on MSDN at




Rahul Kavalapara

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