Announcing Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK Update v5.0.5

Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK Version 5.0.5 is now live on MSDN downloads and in the MSDN library! There are some exciting additions in this release, including the

  • Updated assemblies to match Update Rollup 3. For Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, updates are installed for you. For other deployment types, you can get Update Rollups from the Microsoft Download Center or from Microsoft Update.
  • The Beta release of the Developers Toolkit for CRM 2011 and Online is now included in the SDK! This will be fully incorporated in an upcoming release.
  • Added a new tool for analyzing plug-in performance, called the Plugin Profiler.
  • Added more Visual Basic .NET versions of the sample code.
  • Added support for saving and re-using server configurations in the ServerConnection helper code, making it easier to run the sample code repeatedly with minimal prompts.
  • Added a new extension to the CrmSvcUtil to generate a helper file that includes enumerations for all option sets. This will make it much easier to set and test values for option sets in your code. We’ll be updating sample code to use these enumerations in an upcoming release, but there is enough information here to get you started.
  • Added new sample code:
    • Sample: Associate and Disassociate Records Using the REST Endpoint with JScript
    • Sample: Associate and Disassociate Records Using the REST Endpoint with Silverlight
    • Sample: Distribute Campaign Activities to Dynamic and Static Lists
    • Sample: Work with Activity Party Records
  • See more updates in the Release History on the first page.

The next SDK update is scheduled for the end of August. Feel free to send Feedback.

Thanks for all the hard work by the SDK team!

Amy Langlois

Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK

Comments (2)

  1. Jim Wang says:

    Very good release with the CRM Dev Toolkit, lots of helpful information!


  2. Alex Brown - Synchronicity says:

    I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the Developer's toolkit for 2011.  If you haven't downloaded it and are developing solutions for MS Dynamics CRM 2011 or CRM Online, then your life is about to become much simpler.  I can't recommend it enough – everyone should use it.

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