Training Resources for Microsoft Dynamics 2011

If you want to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, there are a number of training resources available to you.  The table below provides a list of training resources available to both partners and customers.  Many of these resources are available for free, others are available to partners and customers on a service plan, and others are available for purchase.

In order to access the links below, you will need to have access to either PartnerSource or CustomerSource.  This will require that you have an active Microsoft Passport Account (Windows Live ID) and an active PartnerSource or CustomerSource Profile.  If you have issues accessing any of these links, please visit the following site for more information regarding access:




Classroom Training

Classroom Training

This is the place to start in order to find available training classes near you.

CRM Exam Prep Guides

CRM Exam Prep Guides

CRM Exam Prep Guides on PartnerSource or CustomerSource.  Information on skills covered on Exam and guides to prepare for certification.

Training Home Page

Training Home Page

Generic Partner or Customer Landing Page to learn about available readiness and training.  Starting point for training materials.



Landing Page for E-learning for Partners or Customers on a Service Plan.  For most service plans e-learning is a benefit of service plans and there is no additional costs to take e-learning. Use product, series, or collection filters to navigate to what you want.

Online Training Materials

Online Training Manuals

Online training materials available for free download for partners or customers on a service plan.  Current link I provide is set for CRM 2011 but you can access other Dynamics training materials by using the various filters on this page to select product, language, etc.

Partner Service Plans

Customer Service Plans

Information on Partner/Customer Service Plans.

Trainer Packs


Information on Trainer Packs.  Similar to service plan but with focus on training and readiness benefits.

Hard Copy Manuals

Hard Copy Manuals

Information on how to purchase hard copy versions of manuals.  The content is the same as online training manuals but made available in a hard copy format.


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  1. EROL says:

    Thanks for this training

  2. JdZ says:

    And the channel 9 videos, in particular, for developers.…/crm

  3. hadleygabi says:

    In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011,(

    many training sources are available as compare to other training sources. It is better than others. Because there are separate column for customers and Partners.

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