Why is Salesforce.com So Worried about Microsoft?

Salesforce.com spends a lot of time bashing Microsoft. Their CEO, Marc Benioff, can’t stop talking about us, whether in customer events or on their financial analyst calls. Their sales force tries desperately to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) about Microsoft, giving slick “hit pieces” to prospects with a slanted perspective and dubious claims. All of this raises the question: why is Salesforce.com so worried about Microsoft?

Well, it’s simple. It’s because Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the fastest-growing CRM products in the industry. It’s because we took just six years to get our first 1 million users, while it took Salesforce.com more than nine years to get there. It’s because we have unique advantages over Salesforce.com, like allowing our customers to run Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the public cloud (in our data centers), in our partners’ data centers, or in our customers’ data centers – all from a single, multi-tenant codebase that allows you to embrace the cloud on your terms. It’s because we just launched our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online service in 40 markets around the world, and in 41 languages. It’s because leading research firms like Gartner and Forrester have rated us as a leader in CRM suites, in sales automation, and in customer service and support. And it’s because we do all this while working with a wide range of products you already know and use today, including Microsoft Office, Outlook, and SharePoint.

Salesforce.com is expensive, with long-term contracts to lock you in and lots of extra charges as well. At Microsoft, we think about this business differently. We give you flexible contract terms, a broad technology solution for the public and private cloud, and a great experience for your end users … all at a much more affordable price.

So as you look for a CRM solution for the long term that aligns with your business strategy and your budget – don’t get forced, get what fits. At Microsoft, we’re investing for the future – your future.

Brad Wilson

General Manager
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Comments (15)

  1. Jasper Lee says:

    Brad, when is Dynamics CRM going to be supported on Mac-based platforms? There are smaller enterprises particularly in the design/agency space that would fit nicely within the hosted model for Dynamics CRM, but we currently can't play ball outside an IE-based paradigm. If it's hosted in the cloud, the software ought to be browser agnostic. Your take on this?

  2. Valentin Petkov says:

    Who knows that Microsoft Dynamics CRM exists?

    Well educate Jim Cramer that is 10 points 🙂


    20 years Microsoft developer

  3. Harry Hotz says:

    Great to  see you guys finally get some of the oooomph and mojo into your PR and messaging that made Apple so successful in recent years

    and you guys too back in the 90s and early 2000 – so good on you for giving it back to them – very un – corporate like – but –  great to see you have come out of your hiding place. Great product too Congrats.

    Keep it up

  4. Christopher says:

    I agree that the Microsoft CRM will take a chunk out of the Salesforce space.  But SalesForce is much more than a CRM; they're a cloud platform that has been in this market segment for much longer than Microsoft.  If Microsoft is going to truly compete with Salesforce then you'll have to fully integrate your other hosted platforms -Azure, BPOS, 365- so that their integration is seamless and users can't tell that they're jumping between your services.  In the process, you'll also have to hook up an App Store so that developers can sell modules (e.g. Developer Force) and give resellers a method for branding and packaging your cloud services for their customers.

    I have used both, and the Microsoft CRM is clearly superior to the Salesforce CRM.  But right now Salesforce is much more than a CRM.  Hook your pieces together and you will then provide a superior solution.

  5. Sandrino Di Mattia says:

    Go Microsoft! SalesForce can't compete with Dynamics CRM's extensiblity: with Silverlight, .NET and Azure we can build solutions that seamlessly integrate with our customers' existing systems…

  6. Rob H says:

    Spot on. Salesforce thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread but compared with Dynamics CRM Salesfoce has nothing on it.

  7. Gulab says:

    And that's why Microsoft ROCKS!

  8. michael shields says:

    Thanks Brad,

    This is so true.  As a Dynamics CRM partner, eLogic is winning against SFDC (and Siebel) due to these demonstrable strengths.  We see the FUD as increasing, which means we are winning.  When they FUD they are on defense.  We look forward to even greater success.


    Michael Shields,



  9. Sri Prakash says:

    When Microsoft does something, they do it right!

    Sri Prakash

    CEO, E-Com Canada Inc.


  10. Not a happy AxCRM user says:

    We had PWC install AxCRM for us years ago and it's a pig.   It's a bloated mess – disconnected – running over a Citrix desktop.   Whoever implemented this for our global company should be ashamed.

    I was a strong SF.COM user and can't wait to get off this platform.   There is a wholesale revolution against this product internally and I hope that the tide shifts before the majority of the sales team goes elsewhere.   It is practically unusable.

  11. Swapnil Ambre says:

    MICROSOFT CRM really Rockz Bcoz it has so many Functionalities which Salesforce doesn't have…

  12. Swapnil Ambre says:

    MICROSOFT CRM really Rockz Bcoz it has so many Functionalities which Salesforce doesn't have…

  13. Dan Osborne says:

    @Swapnil – would you please list (or point me to a list) of features provided by both MS and SF?  Thx

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