Using Option Set Options with the REST Endpoint – JScript

imageI recently published a new technical article for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: Using Option Set Options with the REST Endpoint – JScript.

This article is about using option set attribute metadata to:

  • Display text for integer values returned for option sets
  • Display valid options for user interface controls to allow editing records

These tasks are presented in the context of a sample JScript library that can be used to generate a simple user interface with an HTML Web resource. This is the UI for a page displaying Contact entity records:


This sample is only intended to illustrate the strategy described in the article. It is intentionally as simple as I could make it while still covering the core tasks to create, retrieve, update and delete records containing option set attributes. Along the way I also used attribute metadata to manage:

  • Setting default values for new records
  • Enforcing required fields
  • Preserving the integrity of auditing data by only updating attributes that are changed

If you need to create a user interface to edit Microsoft CRM record I hope this article helps you identify the attribute metadata you can use.


Jim Daly

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