CRM Online E-mail Router – Yes We Do That!

Today’s guest blogger is CRM MVP and CRM Forum admin Donna Edwards. She blogs regularly at

Today, I was researching CRM E-mail router implementation in reference to Microsoft Exchange and CRM 2011 Online.  As I was clicking through links and reviewing the available information, I quickly realized that this was great stuff and I wanted to keep it for future reference.

One of the best methods I have for keeping resource information front and center is to create a blog article for reference.  This is a win/win as I can reference it whenever needed while sharing it with the community.

Here’s my list of helpful CRM Online E-mail Router links.  I hope they help you.  Feel free to share any additional links you’ve found helpful in the Comments section below.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to these great resources! <Click on Links below>

Exchange Online – Enable Impersonation (Send As)


CRM MVP Donna Edwards

Comments (1)

  1. Robert Ezekiel says:

    Hey Donna,

    Is there an option available to have an email router in the CLOUD with Microsoft?  I have a client that is new to CRM Online and Office 365.  They are completely sales focused and do not have the infratructure to install an email router.

    Thanks as always,


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