Announcing Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK Update V5.0.3

imageMicrosoft Dynamics CRM SDK Version 5.0.3 is now live on MSDN downloads and MSDN library. This update includes the following:

  • Updated assemblies to match Update Rollup 1. For Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, updates are installed for you. For other deployment types, you can get Update Rollups from the Microsoft Download Center or from Microsoft Update.
  • Updated Microsoft.Xrm.Client and Microsoft.Xrm.Portal assemblies for bug fixes.
  • Updated Hands-on-Labs – these now work with the RTM product.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio extensions and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution files to support JScript IntelliSense and limited testing of JScript Libraries that use the Xrm.Page object within Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms.
  • Added sample code for generating logical entity relationship diagrams. In addition, you can download a complete set of entity relationship diagrams.
  • See more updates in the Release History on the first page.

The next SDK update is scheduled for June. Send Feedback

Thanks for all the hard work by the SDK team!

Amy Langlois

Comments (3)

  1. RhettClinton MVP says:

    Great work SDK team,

  2. John says:

    Are you guys updating the assemblies within the sdkbin directory on these sdk updates?  I noticed the version # has changed on the assemblies so I assume so but I cannot find documentation on what was fixed or what changed. Should we be updating our references to these assemblies for each release?

  3. Amy says:

    John – The assemblies in the SDK are updated if the SDK release coincides with an Update Rollup. This one goes with Update Rollup 1.

    The assemblies are backwards compatible, so you can continue to run your code without recompiling with new assemblies. If the Update Rollup affects the SDK documentation, you'll see this in the Release History on the first page of the SDK. For this release, there was one change in workflows. If you want to see all changes in the assembly, read the KB article associated with the Update Rollup.

    Hope this helps,


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