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  1. Hello, I downloaded the SDK onto our CRM 2011 server and imported the Metadata Broswer zip file.  I now see the Metadata Browser link under the Customizations group, but when I click on it I get a javascript error.  My role is System Admin and I have Administrator rights to the server as well.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

    Message: Access is denied.

    Line: 1

    Char: 1412

    Code: 0

    URI: http://<Org URL>/%7B634383219730000000%7D/WebResources/sample_/MetaDataBrowser/Scripts/SDK.MetaData.js

  2. David says:

    I get the same problem, it seems only the user who imported the solution can access it, all other users are denied.

  3. JohnG says:

    Attribute display NOT working on entities that have been migrated from CRM4 and customized

  4. Peter MacIsaac says:

    I have installed as above, however there is no data in the browser view

    Any ideas?

  5. Jim Daly says:

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I didn't get notification that there were comments on this blog.

    The Access denied error is possibly due to a cross domain issue. Make sure that you open Microsoft CRM using the registered server name. i.e. don't use http://localhost, an IP address or some host header.

    The solution depends on the context.getServerUrl function which only returns the registered server name. If you login using some other URL and then the code in the solution uses the registered server name, IE interpretes this as a different domain and additional security kicks in.

    If you must use another URL, you may try adding both URLs to your IE trusted sites and configure your trusted sites to allow cross domain requests. I've used this for similar situations, but not with this particular solution.

    JohnG – if you see this. Please send feedback to

    Paste this in as the subject of your e-mail:"Customize Entity Metadata (/1:SDK Content/2:V5.0/3:V5.0.4/4:a55bbb88-a323-4f69-9551-0d2951dd12ec/5:none/6:en-us/7:Both)" – this message will get routed to me.

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