Microsoft and Intel take Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for a Test Drive

Here’s to the power of partnership.  Microsoft and Intel teamed up over the past month to test the performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to obtain a comparison with the figures obtained in a similar benchmark of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Our engineers worked together to identify hardware and software bottlenecks and performed performance tuning while understanding the Mission-Critical capabilities of Intel’s  next generation Xeon 7500 series based hardware.  The prior release scaled to support 50,000 users on a single instance– and set the bar for the industry. 

In our joint benchmark, we used a Dell R910 server with Intel Nehalem-EX processors and Pliant Technology SSDs for our SQL box. The Dell R910 server had Intel Xeon 7560 with 4 socket, 8 core, with Hyper-Threading enabled, 2.27 GHz and 256GB RAM.  The detailed configuration, topology, optimizations, data profile, and test workload as well as lessons we learnt along the way on how to really get your CRM system blazing will be included in a whitepapers that we are cooking up.   This will be available to everyone in March so stay tuned!

Now, onto the results…drumroll please.

We are thrilled to announce that we reached 150,000 Concurrent Users, with an average response time of 0.40 seconds!  This demonstrates an enterprise-class ready solution, ready to take on the most challenging CRM deployments with great scalability, responsiveness, and reliability. 

This is a true testament to a great partnership that most importantly, reflects our commitment to helping customers find value.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Intel – the best enterprise CRM platform running on industry leading hardware.  A match made in heaven perhaps? We certainly like to think so.   

We’re proud of the team for taking on this challenge and of course we’re thrilled that we were able to surpass the record that we set last year.  Congratulations to everyone on the CRM team involved in this project, as well as our partners at Intel for your joint work in building products that deliver unrivaled industry leading performance and scalability!


Ahmed Bisht, Amir Jafri,  and Varun Krishna

Comments (3)

  1. RJ Samp says:

    Would love to see what it takes to sort a data grid: 10,000 rows with one join….AND……Field Level Security on two fields……

    Bring up the grid in some sort order…..then click on a column header….then click on the column header again.

    The question is, is the sort done (actually redone) on the server with all of it's field level security checking…..or is a simple (and fast) datasetrecordset sort without refetching the data from the database server.

    Once you've got that down…..then have 150,000 Concurrent Users do it at the SAME TIME. Let me know when the 150,000 Concurrent User's data is displayed, resorted, on their console. That's the test.


  2. JCobelens says:

    This all looks very promising, but what about the current 2011 Online performance?

    On the 2011 Online trail the average response time is more than 7 seconds, without any scripting applied and having a very good internet connection. For demo and customer showcase activities this is just too long.

    At this moment I don't know the "normal" Online environment performance, but I hope it is better…

    Will there also be any performance tests in the cloud?

  3. SJohson says:

    What does that even mean "150 thousand concurrent users"?  How many page views a second is that? What content are you displaying… This figure means nothing

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