Whitepaper Comparing xRM Application Framework and Force.com

In concert with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Launch last week, we released a whitepaper titled “Comparing xRM Application Framework and Force.com” targeted at developers & ISVs. While the two technologies have many technical similarities, they also have important differences. This paper illustrates why xRM (the framework that underpins CRM) is clearly the superior choice for independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprises to build business applications.


                                        Diagram of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Extensibility Architecture

1-20-2011 3-28-20 PMYou can download the whitepaper here
http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9759264. Please feel free to distribute it to your customers and partners.

In the paper, we closely examine the three major advantages of xRM that stand out. Instead of feature comparisons we focus on the strategic strengths of our offering that is unmatched.

  1. xRM provides familiar, widely used technologies for developers.
  2. xRM allows deploying applications both in the cloud and on-premises.
  3. xRM benefits from Microsoft’s broad platform investments.


Girish Raja

Comments (3)

  1. VenkataRaviKumar Pidikiti says:

    Good document. if you provide feature by feature comparision it will be useful for sales people to win more deals.Hope it will come soon…



  2. Aaron Emerine says:

    I think that was a good document also.  More material in this arena especially targeting SalesForce is very welcome from a sales collateral perspective.  

    A major feature difference between SalesForce and Dynamics is the ability to perform cross-table reporting (mentioned during last week's Dynamics CRM 2011 keynote from one of the on-stage testimonies).  It's natural to perform cross-table reporting with Dynamics CRM as this comes out of the box with pretty much all Microsoft products.  However, because of SalesForce's closed data architecture, they struggle to provide something that can serve this need to thier user base.  Their users often resort to exporting data and manually merging externally in order to perform cross-table reporting.  This is huge.

    I look forward to more product / feature comparisons in the future.

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