Personalizing Reports for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has excellent reporting capabilities. Customizers have the option to create SSRS reports using SQL or CRM’s querying language, FetchXML, in on premise deployments. Customizers must leverage FetchXML to create SSRS reports in online deployments for improved security and performance. ISVs should consider creating reports using FetchXML to reach the broadest audience….


What’s new with Dialogs in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 UR5

Introduction Dialogs are the synchronous/interactive processes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that collect and process information by using step-by-step scripts to direct users through a process. Dialogs have been enhanced in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online R7 (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 UR 5) to enable enhanced interaction with existing entities and…


Resource Center article: Go live with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

We have recently published the article Go live with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that aims at improving your experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. This article describes some common settings to optimize the performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and also lists some resources that you could benefit from. It is intended for administrators and…


Resources for customer service

Customer service is an important part of any business. To keep your customers happy and to retain them, it is very important that you provide excellent services to your customers.  We’ve created an article that includes links to various resources that help you get started with managing cases, contracts, and services, and organizing and tracking…


Help get your Case Solved Faster using Diagnostics

Microsoft Support is using Diagnostics to help automate data collection and data analysis when troubleshooting support incidents.  Diagnostics allow our support teams to capture certain pieces of data about an environment to more efficiently resolve a customer case.  Diagnostics can do basic data collection to gather information about product version, system configurations and settings, as…


Getting started guide for business users

We know that new users of Dynamics CRM often have a lot to contend with when they start trying to get their work done on a daily basis in the software. We think those first few days could be a bit easier to adjust to if more information is available about how to use the…


Introduction to the Activity Feeds Solution

With Activity Feeds in the marketplace for several weeks now, we’re learning more about what customers need in terms of documentation supporting the feature. We’ve seen lots of interest in information about how to determine whether Activity Feeds could be useful feature for a given customer, how to get it, set it up, and customize…


Video: introduction to Activity Feeds

We’ve been hearing from customers who would like to know more about Activity Feeds, the new social-based communication tool offered in our fall release. People have told use they’d like to know more about everything from how to customize it down to just getting a basic sense of what we’re offering. We’re pleased to report…


Getting started for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online administrators

After you’ve purchased Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but before the business users in your organization start using it, there are some basic tasks that you, as the Microsoft Dynamics CRM administrator, should complete. They’re summarized for you in this article, which details the very basic things you need to complete to get started.  If you’ve purchased…


Amplify your selling power with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A great salesperson is priceless. You deserve a tool where the art of selling meets the science of winning.  In this new video we focus on productivity from the perspective of the salesperson and what they need in a CRM application. Great salespeople… Understand the value of insight Know how to rally a team Appreciate…