Your First Interactive Look at CRM 2011


Guest blogger and CRM MVP Julie Yack invites you stump the experts in this presentation.

Join Senior Technical Product Manager Eric Boocock for a dive into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 before the Beta. Learn about new features and opportunities for developers at the 90 minute session. Bring your questions! September 7 at 9 AM (PST).

Advanced registration is not required, but we do recommend it so we can adjust the meeting settings for a larger crowd.

Meeting link


Julie Yack

Comments (9)

  1. Manso says:

    How to register in advance?

  2. Maranatha says:

    How do we register for this meeting outside of clicking the above link and joining it on the 7th?

  3. Julie Yack says:

    Once logged in as a group member the registration link is active.

  4. Vasu says:

    Is CRM 2011 beta version released yet?

  5. wrxin says:

    The link above launches the live meeting. Is there a registration link? (I'm signed in)

  6. Martin says:

    Has the meeting been recorded? If so….will it be available for download ? :o)

  7. DW says:

    I missed this –  Is there a replay somewhere ??

  8. Michael says:

    The meeting has been recorded … unfortunatelly it's not released for download yet.

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